Security Services

Below is a list of services we provide.  Each situation and client is different.  We utilize our experience and fundamental understanding to build programs that are supportive and efficient to each client.  We have someone available 24 hours a day to provide guidance and response (if required) for our contracted clients.

  • Security Consulting
  • Existing and New installation Electronic Systems review
  • Training
    • Security Training
      • Basic Security
      • Report Writing
      • De-Escalation (many types of strategies/Techniques)
      • Active Shooter Preparedness and Civilian Response
    • Personal Safety and Protection
      • Mental Health First Aid
      • Civilian Response to Active Shooter
      • Personal Security Tips and Tricks to keep your Family Safe and Secure
    • Specialized Security Services (employee termination support, personal protection, incident response)
    • Investigative Response (guidance and instruction for live incident response and case reviews)